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I prefer to use ingredients that have gone through minimal processing because in most cases processing results in an ingredient that has lost much of its beneficial properties.


For example, when we refine (process) shea butter, we may end up with a very creamy, white shea. However, I prefer to use unrefined shea, unrefined mango.... basically, any butter I use will be as unrefined as possible because when a butter is overly refined, it will also lose many of its natural, beneficial properties.  

The shea butter I use is a yellowish/beige color and has not gone through extensive refining, thus its nature-given attributes remain.  

As much as possible, I use herbal extracts and distillates, and floral waters. Whenever possible, I choose organic, from reputable organic growers.

In my "anti-aging" category you will find the outstanding Toner, the Wrinkle treatment cream, the Lift & Firm cream, the Mango face cream, the Eyes treatment, as well as the Specialty Serums.


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