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These are the available warmers at Bubblecraft Soapworks.

They are quality warmers at one great price.


These two-in-one warmers are especially convenient. 

If you remove the bowl, the warmer is perfect for melting a container candle. 

Leave the bowl on the hotplate and place your wax tarts or wax brittle in it, and in no time at all your whole place will smell oh, so good.

FYI: please don't believe that "system" rule that claims only certain waxes can be used in certain warmers.  Wax is wax and it will melt when heated; don't fall for that nonsense.  :-D 


See the warmers here: 








Here are the wax warmers that are currently available.  Enjoy!

         $17   This is considered

a vintage warmer; it's quite charming, I must say.


I personally love this one  :-)

                $17      This is a substantial, upscale warmer that fits in just about any decor.