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Most of the essential oils I carry are used in the preparation of my soaps, lotions, body butters, serums, etc.  They are of the highest quality and because I am not involved in any MLM business, I keep the prices reasonable.  However, quantities are limited!  


As I have often stated, I never recommend ingestion of essential oils unless one is under the care of a qualified medical practitioner who is also knowledgeable about the safe use of essential oils.   In my opinion, it is risky, irresponsible and unethical to prescribe one or more essential oil for the purpose of curing or alleviating any symptom/illness.


Remember (again, this is my opinion), before "prescribing", one should have the entire patient's past and present medical history.  Without it, how would you know if a certain essential oil is safe to use?  

For example, it is believed that people who have high blood pressure should be careful using rosemary essential oil because it tends to increase one's blood pressure.  

Another example: people who are on blood thinners should be cautious if using peppermint essential oil because it may cause further thinning of the blood.  

Lemon-eucalyptus is a great mosquito repellent, but the FDA warns that children younger than 2 years should not be sprayed with lemon-eucalyptus essential oil because it may cause seizures.  

In addition, some essential oils should not be used by pregnant and/or breast-feeding women, and some essential oils should not be used by those who have/had an estrogen-fed type of cancer (lemongrass is an example of such essential oil).    


Ok, I am done with my spiel, lol   Let's look at the essential oils that are currently available!

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