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Regular use of the Sea Minerals lotion will result in a noticebly dewey, brighter, more youthful look that you will simply love.  

It is widely believed that sea minerals and extracts contain exclusive restorative and healing properties, so put the powerful goodness of the ocean to work for you.  

Consistent use of the Sea Minerals lotion will fade your "age spots", the collage production in your skin will receive a boost, your fine lines will diminish, and you will be left with a smooth and glowing complexion.  

Try it.

Use every day for 3 weeks.

You will love it.  

You will return to Bubblecraft Soapworks for more! :-)  


P.S. Like all other products, the Sea Minerals lotion will work even better after a light application of The Toner.










INGREDIENTS: Palm oil, aloe vera, Cassia angustifolia polysaccharide, ocean mineral complex, safflower oil, Irish moss, yarrow, shea butter, jojoba oil, B5, green tea, glycerin, vitamin B5, preservative. 




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