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These are the room & linen sprays.  Do not use them as body sprays, please.

Always shake bottle before spraying.  

Also, do not spray directly on furniture, pets, and always check for fabric colorfastness.

Here are the current fragrances:

AMISH KITCHEN: Home-grown goodness. A spicy scent surrounding a base of dried Autumn fruits. Delicious and strong. 

AUTUMN LODGE: This is a complex fragrance.  When my fragrance supplier sent me the description, I wasn't sure my customers would like it.  Still, I tried the sample I received, and then asked my testers to do the same.  Well, Autumn Lodge was welcomed with open arms, and after 7 years, it remains a very popular fragrance.  It is a combination of fir balsam, pine needles and spices.  

This is no Pine-Sol smell for sure!  Thing is, most of my customers tell me they are really attracted by that note of an Autumn fire crackling.  It is not a burning smell, but something very much like you'd experience when approaching a cozy mountain lodge with smoke billowing slowly from the chimney, mingling with the scents of the forest.  One of my favorite fragrances also  :-)

CRACKLING BIRCH: This may be considered a unisex fragrance.  Loved by the ladies and gents. Crisp and clean.

HARVEST:  Screams of Autumn, but many - including me - use it year-round.  A cozy, comforting scent for sure.

LEMONGRASS: Made with lemongrass essential oil! Very fresh and uplifting.  A happy, clean scent.

LOUISIANA CYPRESS:  This is one fragrance I must carry year-round or I'll get into trouble with my customers, lol.  A clean, outdoors-type fragrance that is loved by men also.

MEMORIES: This has been a best seller since I introduced it many years ago.  It is a scent that is popular year-round, but especially during September to February.  A simply gorgeous blend!

MULBERRY: I searched high and low for the very best mulberry fragrance oil.  The 6th mulberry fragrance was spot on, and all my testers strongly advised me to choose that one and no other.  It really is crazy strong, crazy good, long lasting mulberry.

PUMPKIN SOUFFLE`: A delicious buttery Fall favorite! It's the perfect mix of freshly baked pumpkin pie bursting with the flavors of cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar, vanilla custard, and just a tiny bit of orange zest for that extra kick.  Pumpkin lover?  You'll love this one!