Let's clean up the world, one bar of soap at a time



These shampoo bars are made with organic oils, butters, and essential oils. 

Shampoo bars are very convenient, especially when you're traveling, or camping. 

I packaged them in these oval containers that are really convenient.  Just pop the shampoo bar out, and when you are finished using it, put it back into its container and secure the lid. 

Doesn't get easier than that!  :-)

In the picture above you can see the shampoo bars right after I poured them.  They are still very soft and hot, and will need to cure for several days.

Ingredients: saponified organic oils of coconut, palm, castor, sunflower, jojoba, avocado, argan, moringa, kukui, mustard.  Organic, unrefined cocoa butter, shea butter, cactus powder. Organic essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, blood orange.

A few words about using shampoo bars:

I will start by saying that shampoo bars are not for everyone.  The main issue is that it takes some time to get used to washing one's hair with what looks like a bar of soap.

Homemade shampoo bars, however, are "healthier" than store-bought shampoos because they are not loaded with synthetics.  My shampoo bars are made in small batches and contain all-organic oils and butters.  The liquid I use contains silk amino acids, panthenol, keratin, and oat proteins; all these help strengthen hair and add to its bounce and sheen, without adding heavy "cant-breathe" waxes/silicons.

Many shampoo bars on the market will tell you to use a vinegar rinse every time you wash your hair.  The vinegar rinse allegedly gets rid of the "heavy, oily feel". 

I am certainly not bragging here, but thus far (and I've been making shampoo bars for many, many years) no customer of mine has felt the need to do a vinegar rinse.  If memory serves me right, one customer only said the shampoo bars were not her "thing", mentioning it just felt funny to use a piece of soap on her hair, lol

However, please keep this in mind: It is not unusual for your hair to look and feel heavy (some may say "oily") after the first few washes.  This is especially true if there is a build-up of products on your hair.  Fear not, the shampoo bar will get rid of it.  Result: your hair will finally be "free" to breathe again. 

Don't let anyone tell you that a product will bring life back to your hair.  Once the hair strand leaves the scalp, it is dead, dead, dead. 

To a degree, you may be able to do a little something to the hair that is still inside your scalp, but once it's out, it is dead, dead, dead, :-D 

When you see hair that is super glossy, etc. etc., it's because the shaft has been manipulated with various mechanical means (hot irons, for example), and coated with waxes.

Truly healthy hair comes from within (diet) and is, in part, genetic.  Hair problems can sometimes also be due to medical conditions or side effects of certain medications.

To sum up:  give the shampoo bar a chance! No-one has felt the need for vinegar rinses when using my solid shampoo.  Instead, all have remarked how good their hair looks. But please, do not go back and forth between the shampoo bar and the shampoo of your past.  Ten days or so will be a fair amount of time for your new shampoo a bar to impress you!

Last but not least: If you are not satisfied with this quality shampoo bar, please return the unused portion and I will gladly refund your money.  Thank you!