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When I asked my testers to use this hair serum and report back after 6 weeks, their main question was, "Ok, what's the secret here?"  They loved it, and I revealed the "secret": pure argan oil.

Pure, authentic argan oil is considered a rare oil because the tree that produces the nuts grows only in a specific region (the semi-desert in southwestern Morocco and the Algerian region in the Western Mediterranean area). 

Argan oil is exceptionally rich in Omega-9, Omega-6, vitamin E, squalenes, carotenes, and several essential fatty acids.  Omega-9 has proved to have an excellent ability to strengthen hair and achieve overall hair health. 

You will not have to worry about greasy looking hair because pure argan oil will never feel oily/greasy.  If you have unmanageable hair, frizzy hair, over-stressed hair, give this serum a try, and I am nearly positive it will become your go-to luxury serum.

The Argan Hair Serum can be used on all types of hair. 

Do you have African-American hair?  No problem, this serum will work beautifully on your hair!   

Is your hair chemically treated? This serum is just what your hair needs.

Please note: the Argan Hair Serum is a close "copy" of a professional hair serum that costs about triple the price, but that's not it.... we have improved it by taking the unnecessary ingredients out and adding even more "good for your hair" ingredients.

Just give it a try.  The quality will speak for itself.

This hair product contains no artificial colors and no artificial fragrances.




The Argan Hair Serum works best on slightly damp hair.  Apply a dime-size amount in the palm of your hand, then rub palms together and apply to your hair.  Avoid applying close to the scalp.  Instead, concentrate on your ends; style as usual. 

May be used with other hair products.