Let's clean up the world, one bar of soap at a time





This Face Mask is especially suited for normal to oily skin types.


I do not think you'll find a commercial mask that is more "natural" than this one. 

It contains NO artificial colors and no artificial fragrances. 

Its scent is derived from the essential oils within.



Here is a list of the ingredients:

Distilled water, kaolin clay, jojoba oil, crushed apricot shells, emulsifying wax, essential oils of ylang-ylang, litsea cubeba, clementine, lime, vitamin E, chamomile extract, aloe vera extract, preservative.



You may want to use this face scrub 2 or 3 times a week. 

I personally use it once or twice a week.


Apply to wet face, gently massage in a circular motion to exfoliate your skin.  Do not apply/use around the eye area. Rinse with plenty of warm water; pat dry.  Wait a few minutes and apply your favorite Toner, Serum, or moisturizer.



Always, always, always test for sensitivity before use!